Tuesday, March 29, 2011

march 29

ok! im getting my new tattoo this saturday @ 2:30 - sooo excited/nervous/everything.

going to take about 4 hours...i want to do it all in one sitting, none of this going back shit.  i want what i want when i want it!!!!  ive been working extra hard on tightening up my core so the tattoo will look awesome - whatever it takes huh?

as far as the guy issue....hard to say.  i have not seen anyone for years - im not exaggerating either...over 3 years and when i allow those feelings back in to "feel" something for someone else i try and try and try to not act like some uncontrollable twit instead of the mature and strong person i know i am.  its like a mantra i play over to myself - dont screw this up, dont do what you always do that sends them running, dont rush things, dont go overboard, dont text him let him text you first, its all in your head, dont think about him cuz you know hes not thinking about you. 


WHY DO I NEED MORE FUCKING VOICES IN MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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