Sunday, March 20, 2011

march 20

OMG!  the guy ive been talking to is omg gorgeous - smells awesome and his eyes! they are very light blue color and i cant stop looking at them.  shit!  i have to stay focused!!!!!!!!!  i cant screw this up - i dont want to make the mistakes i feel have damaged my past relationships.  focus focus focus

anyway - thought i would give you guys an update on that front :)

now on to other things.  as you all know ive been doing jillian michaels exercises dvds and i just bought the 30-day shred with weights yesterday.  going on a 3 hour bike ride wi my friend, we may get in about 30 miles so i wont have the energy to do her dvd today, but i will tomorrow.   i am seeing results with her dvds and want to keep mixing it up so i can tighten my abs because i found a tattoo i want - FINALLY.  actually, a fellow blogger (cannot remember who, so if it is you that has this kind of tattoo you have excellent taste :) )  this is what i want - what do you think?

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