Friday, March 11, 2011

march 11

so what can i say about my extended leave?  other than i have been doing the same thing - working and school.  sorry for not posting lovelies 

BUT i am happy to report that i got an "A" in dosage calculations!!!  it was an 8-week course, they just doubled the class time so we didnt have to go the whole 16 weeks, now i just have to focus on cell biology.  holding a "A" in there now, have to maintain it for the rest of the semester.  and this fall i will take anatomy & physiology, nutrition and microcomputer apps, that is all the pre-reqs to get into nursing.

the better i do these classes the higher i rank for getting in.  they only allow 75 applicants in so the competition is fierce!  i have to bring my "A" game.haha

on to other things.  im a creeper of sorts on everyones blog.  i read them every day but rarely comment - bad me!

my car is broke down and it is being worked on, going on 3 weeks now..thank goodness i work from home and my parents live around the corner and i can just use their car if i need to go anywhere.

still exercising to jillian michaels dvd's.  i have 3 now, going to get the 30-day shred one next..i heard it is killer. 

oh - i am talking to this guy...this is huge for me.  i have been single for sooooo long.  i hope this turns into something :)  we JUST started talking, so i will keep you guys posted


  1. yay for the good grades hun thats great ur so smart
    yeah i heard that dvd was killer havent done it
    and yay for a boy

  2. Well done for getting such good grades! I'm averaging a C at the moment..not good :S
    Keep us updated on the boy front...I also read quite a few blogs without commenting, don't feel bad! x