Tuesday, January 25, 2011

january 25

have a nasty, yucky cold!  started out with the worst sore throat ive ever had and it lasted for a week...then it turned into that scratchy, gravely almost nonexistent voice for a couple of days and now i have copious amounts of mucous i blow from my nose!  tmi - sorry.

plus side is no fever or crap like that to deal with, so i still feel ok enough to exercise ;)

i want to win the lottery.  what would i do first you ask?  well, my dearies i would do all those things one might expect someone to do when they come into a large sum of money.  i would buy a new house, car, and everything that goes with it.  then i would take a long vacation to countries i didnt think i would ever get to see.  come back and put a big bunch of it away and live off the interest.  

why do those people who win the lottery seem to screw it up and their life falls apart?  wonder why that is?  i mean, i know people will come from near and far expecting a handout and i would give some away, but seriously, if you werent in my life before what in the hell makes you think you can be in it after i have money.  if i didnt talk to you before then im not going to talk to you now - deal with it!

just daydreaming.

maybe i will jog today - i daydream the best when i jog.  it is cold out but the wind isnt blowing and the sun is shining...perfect day to jog.  plus i am still doing jillian michaels workout dvd and i believe my core is strengthening to the point it is taking the stress off my knees - a trainer told me that if you have knee pain to do planks, or work your core.  sooo that is what i have been doing and by george i think they are right!


  1. im sorry that ur sick feel better soon
    and go di iwhs i would win the lottery might hep if i playedi t though

  2. If you ever win the lotto, don't tell a soul--then no one will come asking for your $...

    Hope the cold goes away soon!


  3. ahhh! get better soon! *Sending healthy vibes*.
    damn, i would love to win the lotto.

    stay lovely. <3