Saturday, January 15, 2011

january 15

good morning lovelies!

its still colder than a witches tit outside but i went for a jog last night and as backwards as this sounds i enjoy running in the cold.  weird, i know, but i always have.  i like the feeling when i get done and im all hot and with the cold air it feels great.  i especially like the feeling when i start to "thaw" out and the tingling prickles.  i got that last night.  it was super cold but i was in town at my friends house so there was at least some street lights this time :)  and i felt great, my knee didnt hurt much and i really enjoyed it.  it has been a looonnnggg time since i have enjoyed a run.

anyway, still have the 3am wake up with a tornado of thoughts.  oh well, it will pass soon i hope.  this morning i had a dream of an ex boyfriend - i know why i did - i had looked at his fb page before bed.  stupid stupid stupid move.  it wasnt even the ex boyfriend i still care about.  maybe i should look at his...on second thought maybe not.

remember i bought jillian michaels exercise dvd 'no more trouble zones' - well i believe it is starting to work on my core area.  i can finally get through the plank exercises - and get this - i love the plank exercises now!  my obliques are getting stronger and my stomach muscles are too.  i need to get the 30-day shred, ive heard it is kick-butt too - maybe one day i will look like this :) :)

oh! and my arms - omg...i have been using a 5lb weight and i might actually have some definition start showing pretty soon and i can look this this!  (squeals with delight)

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  1. sorry ur head is driving u nuts
    and ikno wcan summer come already im tired of the cold