Friday, December 31, 2010

december 31 - NYE!

as this year comes to a close i am always amazed at what transpired in just short 12 months.  idk if anyone else sees things like this, perhaps everyone does, but when i think about the future it seems so close - like when i think i only have 2 years to finish school and everything...but when i think back 2 years it seems like eons have passed.  its weird

tomorrow is 1/1/11 - pretty cool.  but today i have to work - yuck.  off monday - backwards if you ask me...we should have off today and work monday.

anyway, i got up this morning and thought since it rather nice outside and since i didnt get to go outside yesterday when it was 70 degrees!!!! i decided to go for a jog before the next cold front comes in this afternoon and drops our temp down to 17...yeah, our weather is crzy like that.

it was beautiful - wore shorts and a sweatshirt and got pretty toasty.  ive figured out that i can jog about 1x/ week and my knees dont hurt that bad.  plus i have really been hammering out the jillian michaels dvd workout - it has a lot of plank exercises in it and it makes your abs scream.  i read somewhere that if you strengthen your core that in turn helps with knee ive been doing core work for a few months and think it is helping...still have a long way to go though.  ive neglected my core pretty much my entire life - i absolutely hate working my abs.  ive always been a jogger and until my knees started hurting i didnt have to think about it much.  maybe soon i will have a stomach i can be proud to show.

i also bought jillian michaels protein powder.  vanilla.  you mix it with water - its pretty bland...think i might use a blender and pop in some yogurt to make it creamier.  i drink this for breakfast - 8 oz / 100 calories.  if i use some yogurt it will be fat free kind and a spoonful or two, so maybe take that calories up to 125.

happy new years everyone!  here is to making 2011 OUR year to reach all the goals we set for ourself.


  1. We've had fair weather the past couple days here, too. Love it... though it'll be a shocker when the temps drog back down in the 20's. Blah.

    I need to start working my core again. I always neglect it.

    Have a great New Year's!

  2. happy new year hun
    that a good idea witht he yogurt and whey id do that to but cant have dairy and whey has been killing me latley