Saturday, December 25, 2010

december 25 - christmas

merry christmas everyone!

i hate to sound scroogish but im not feeling so much in the christmas spirit.  it doesnt excite me anymore.  i know it is about being with friends and family, but i am with them all year long,(except for my bio dad and that family) so technically it is just another day for me.  plus this not getting presents thing is depressing.  i got 1 last year and i will get 1 this year, from my bio dad and his wife. 

plus this year i am on-call with work today and i cant go anywhere, which totally sucks ass.  im getting burned out with my job.  working from home has its advantages but i dont think it is the best solution for someone prone to depression.  it is too convenient to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.  i was so depressed and bored last night i went for a night run - 4 miles, in the dark and seeing as i live in the country, no street lights. just me and the quiet road.  rather nice actually.  but im sure the people driving past me thought i was crazy...and they'd be right :)

so i decided to do something about that - i enrolled back in school again and going for RN.  classes start jan 10.  pretty ambitious but i have always been fascinated with medicine and patient care, i dont have a queasy stomach or anything, needles dont bother me plus i will make the same or more than i am now.  plus i just go in, do my job and leave - no more project deadlines or meeting presentations.  a totally new career for me.  im excited for this new part of my life to begin.

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  1. im sorry that ur not havinga good day hun and that ur on call for work
    but going back to school is a great idea