Thursday, December 23, 2010

december 23

my girlfriends and i went out last night - we do this in lieu of buying each other xmas presents.  went to eat at a little family-owned mexican restaurant and had some chips/salsa and beer.  then we all headed to the racino (race track+casino) and had copious amounts of beer.  so much so we karaoked and were the only ones dancing!  i NEVER karaoke - and let me tell you it was bad, we were terrible. 

it didn't matter, we were having a blast!  but ohhh my! the nicotine+beer hangover the next morning sucks!  its a good thing i do this maybe 2x's a year. 
i dont know if i'll be able to exercise today, dizzy and generally feel like shit - good thing i ran 4 miles yesterday. 

my ex husband is not on my good side lately - hasn't sent child support for weeks.  ugh!  not to mention he rarely buys the boys anything.  just sends the check thinking that takes care of everything.  the money he sends barely buys school lunches for the month, nevermind the fact they need clothes, shoes, doctor visits, school supplies.  oh and dont get me started on xmas presents.  he buys them 1 gift!!!  and turns around and buys himself a new big screen plasma tv!  asshole.  he doesnt see he is doing anything wrong.  always been selfish, always will be i guess. 


  1. o wow he is an asshole im sorry hun
    but im glad that u had fun with ur firends u need to do that sometimes

  2. im sorry your ex husband is being an ass, and not supporting you like he should.
    i hope it gets better for you and you boys. <3
    but im glad you had a fun night out!


  3. Oh god, the nicotine beer hangover is the worst!!! Even me the smoker can't stand to look at a cigarette for at least 24 hours...

    Sounds like you had a blast. I don't think anyone is awesome at karaoke, but that's the whole point. <3 Did you bet on any horses?

    Take your ex to the probation dept. If you were in NJ I could do it for you... ;D 'Tis a shame so many fathers are like that. Your boys have you, though. And I bet you're the best mommy there is.