Sunday, December 19, 2010

december 19

well obviously ive been bad at posting.  on the flip side, not much has changed.  working alot, baking stuff to give away.  which i enjoy immensely.  i love to bake, but i never do because i eat it.  so this is great that i give it away.  i used to bake alot and take it to work and it would be gone in a nanosecond, but now that i work from home no place to 'take' it to.  oh well.

sometimes i sit and daydream (as im sure all of you do), this daydream was about when i live all by myself, what control i be able to have over what goes in my cupboard and fridge.  NOTHING but vegan stuff.  and very little at that!  the money i will save!!!!

so yesterday i went with my friend to this drawing.  for like a month or so the town gives these tickets to you when you spnd a certain amount at the stores and stuff, then they have this drawing for idk $1,000 or somthing.   anyway, cold as shit out there and the nastiest people ever come out for this thing.  gross, rotting & missing teeth people with bad, and i mean bad hair - mullets everywhere you look.  i was so glad to get out of there.  embarrassing

i bought jillian michaels dvd - the one about trouble areas.   it is pretty is circuit training but it only lasts about 40 minutes, not long enough for me, i want to be glad the dvd is over so i usually end up doing more stuff after.  i get a good ab workout in it though.  i want to go back and get the others i saw...the 30-day shred and maybe another one.

a friend of mine wants to set me up with someone she works with! i HATE being setup.  HATE HATE HATE IT!  the last time she did this she pointed him out to me and me to him, he blatantly ignored me - great shot to the ego.arrrggghhh.  which is numero uno why i dont date, i dont handle rejection well. 

so she was telling me about how funny this guy is (code for not attractive) and sweet (code for fat) so i go her fb page and see a pic - he is so-so, not drop dead attractive and not overweight.  im not keeping my hopes up.


  1. I totally agree with you on the blind date set ups. I HATE THEM HATE THEM HATE THEM. I don't care how "great" the guy is, the idea of being set up..pisses me off so much..

    hope you have a good few days around the holidays!!!

  2. yeahi dont like blind dates either so ur not alone there
    have a great holiday hun