Monday, November 8, 2010

november 8

back home finally!  sooo glad to be home - even if i had to work all freakin day saturday and saturday night.  oh well at least i dont have to travel this week

there are so many leaves on the ground, just the signs winter is closer - i hate winter, but i am going to try really hard to not let it get to me this year...try to see something positive about it. 

the wind is blowing strong today too, and im going for a 5-6 mile jog with my sis pretty soon, should be interesting

i took my boys to eat at a japanese steakhouse last night, yummy.  brought most of mine home though.  i did eat the soup (its so yummy, just broth with scallions, mushrooms and onions) and salad then picked on the veggies.  i had shrimp,fish and scallops and ate a bite or two of them then had the sherbet for dessert.   not too bad and i have lunch and dinner for today because there is so much left.

hope everyone is having a good day!

1 comment:

  1. yeah i hate winter as well
    its fucking cold as shit here
    good luck on ur jog hun