Tuesday, November 30, 2010

november 30

last day of november. wow this year has really flown by. 

got most of my xmas shopping done, would like to buy a few more things but need to check my finances before i do that.

i will weigh in the morning to see how i have been doing.  yesterday i worked out to a a taebo dvd - the bootcamp one and held 5lb weights in my hand the whole time...my arms were like noodles when i was finished.  not sore today, just tight - which is what i look for.  if i dont "feel" something the next day i obviously didnt work out hard enough..its how i gauge whether my body is getting used the routines then i switch it up.

my dad has been over fixing my hallway floor - getting ready to lay down some new flooring and hes fixin a few things before i can start.  love my daddy. cant truthfully say the same thing about my mother.  shes deserves a post all to herslef - selfish, hateful woman.

got a text from the guy i still like - i'll refer to him as F (he is the one i stalk his fb page and found out he is in a relationship)  he thinks we are 'friends' and im over him ending the relationship - what he really doesnt know is im still pissed about it and just told him i wasnt mad at him so i can keep up with what he is doing.  stupid i know, keeps me having heartache whenever he emails or texts me, but i'll be over it eventually. maybe. hopefully.

food for today has been good -
brkfast - multigrain hot cereal with soy milk - 200
lunch - salad with the following:
8 yellow cherry tomatoes, they are soo yummy
4 slices cucumber
1 avg size carrot i cut into sticks
about 1.5 cups lettuce
fat free vinagrette
6 saltines
- 150 estimate

so only 350 so far today.  going to my friends tonight and play with her 18 month old baby!  i love him so much


  1. aw the baby i love babies and 18 months aww so cute
    ur food was great today
    yay for ur dad fixing the floors

  2. i dont know why... but i NEVER feel sore. even if i work my ass off... so yeah.. its weird. have fun with the baby. <3

  3. Time has been flying by..but at the same time the last few months have been SO long.

    and hun, I'm only saying this bc I care- but 350 is quite low. I understand the difficulty. Just take care of yourself please.


  4. Hey! Can you email me your email address so that I can add you to the list of people that can read my blog. I'm privitizing it. <3