Sunday, November 28, 2010

november 28

it has been nice not having to work these last few days, but that draws to an end tomorrow. yuck.  i need to win the lottery or something. 

getting up early to feed the calves wasn't as bad as i thought, just glad i dont have to do it every morning, especially on the wet or snowy ones.  speaking of snow, the weatherman said we will likely get more snow this year..and i hate snow so that is gonna suck if we do.  i have also been helping to gather the eggs from the chickens.  my sister lets her chickens run all over so it is like going on an easter egg hunt every day...its a good thing they tend to lay them in the same places.  they moved a horse trailer and found 18 eggs under it! haha - but since it is colder they have only been laying a couple.

i worked out at the gym yesterday and im a little sore today.  not too bad, a good kinda sore.

intake so-so today..
brkfast - 5-grain hot cereal -130
snack - 3 cracker with small piece of cheese - 100
lunch - brown rice with salsa,cheese and lettuce - 200
3 small cookies - 200?
snack - some banana chips - 100
stopping here and no more for today.  trying to stay at or below 800/day

not doing any organized exercise today but i did rake a ton of fucking acorns in the yard.  i hate when we get so many.  i raked and shoveld  about 8 wheelbarrows full of them and it barely made a difference.  i wish there were a market for those things...i would be rich.


  1. well raking im sure burned a good amount of cals
    so u dont have to owrry about that

  2. Just make sure you take care of yourself..