Thursday, November 25, 2010

november 25 - thanksgiving

all in all a good day.  and the best part is i didnt eat meat.  i thought about it and realized if i announced it then it would be a topic of discussion so instead i filled half my plate with salad then a spoonful of sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans and 1 roll.  nobody even noticed i didnt get turkey or ham. sweet. 

the coldest day of the season and wouldnt you know the last cow decided to have her calf.  jeez. it was probably 25 degrees this morning.  my dad called and told me when i was driving to my stepsisters and said it was white, just like its momma.  my son wants to name it "white meat" - irony at its best i suppose.  at least she is taking care of it and we wont have to bottle feed this one.  it is a little cutie too, looks like a baby lamb cuz its fur has a curl to it. 

i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving


  1. oh my gosh white meat, thats histarical! haha
    congrats on your thanksgiving, stay strong!

  2. I hope your thanksgiving stayed great!!!


  3. sounds like u had a great tday hun