Tuesday, November 23, 2010

november 23

omg my knee is burning as i sit here - wth does that mean?  i didnt even run today.  ugh!

probably should ice it and not do any impact stuff for few days and see what happens.

nothing extraordinary today, just work and clean house.  went to the gym and the elliptical on lvl 7 to 2.75 miles then did crunches and leg extensions to strengthen muscles around my knee.  need to do some more like that cuz i remember when i had p.t. they had me doing them so i know they are good for me.  i might have to go to the dr so i can gt some more p.t. - they put this thing on the spot that hurts and feels like ants biting you, its weird it hurts a little but not too much.  i just live so far from town its a pain in the ass to go 3x/week like i know they will proabbly say, then its expensive on top of that!  cant win for losing i guess.

i want to be independently wealthy where i buy what i want when i want it and travel all over. 

ho hum, enuf depressing talk.  i did fairly well on food intake today.  had some 5grain hot cereal this morning..freakin love that stuff.  its got oatmeal, flax and some other grains, all organic.  its chewy and so good with soy milk and cinnamon.mmmm  about 200 total i think
lunch - brown rice and few tortilla chips  250 i just need to NOT buy tortilla chips, i love them too much.
dinner - small bowl broccoli cheese soup  150
couple breadsticks 100

trying to decide if i want to trek out on black friday...everyone is going out of town and i dont know if i want to tackle the crowds.  i prefer to buy online, so much more convenient.  besides i told my sis id feed her calves...they are so cute.  both are bottle calves, the mommas wouldnt take care of them so we have to bottle feed them.  i have to be there at 6am and again at 3pm to do that so if i were going on friday id miss all the early birds anyway.  ohwell, guess i just answered me own question.

thanks guys for all the comments and support!  love to you all :)

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  1. o im sorry that ur knee is bothering u yes ice it and take a few days off of the high impact stuff u dont wanna hurt it more i have knee issues an dhad srugry on mine so just be careful
    o i tihnk i had the miachine it was like electric shock/ massaging right i had it for my therapy after my surgry they would put ice on top of it as well
    hmm black friday i have to venture out cause i have to work but im not going shopping i never shop on black friday im more of a wait tiil last minute person