Saturday, November 20, 2010

november 20

today we celebrated thanksgiving at my sisters early since they are all going out of town and i did it!  i stuck to meat! and nobody harped on me about it.  feelin pretty good about it.

BUT i still have another thanksgiving dinner to make it through and this the one where the stepmother could be offended if i dont eat her stuff....ill play it smooth though so we'll see what happens.

after dinner i exercised for an hour and did lunges and crunches since i have no idea how much my intake was at least i offset it a little.  going jogging tomorrow to burn off more

so im playing around on fb (im a creeper on there, i harldy ever post but always look at what everyone else is doing)  anyway, everyone is posting their pics of the deer they killed today since today was the first day of rifle season.  i just hate to see that.  i mean, i know they overpopulate real quick but they are so pretty and graceful i just hate to see them shot.

all the town are turning on their christmas lights already!  its not even officially thanksgiving yet - seriously!  i am all about christmas, but 1 holiday at a time please.

oh - i had to share this video since a fellow blogger put up a kitty one i want to share the one i absolutely its not my kitty but i did have one exactly like this once


  1. good job on not eating th emeat thats great

  2. great intake and output girl! stay strong