Thursday, November 18, 2010

november 18

havent posted in couple of days.  not much new going on.  its getting cold cuz there is a cold front that moved inlast night.yuck

my knees were hurting so bad yesterday i decided some relaxing yoga would be better than jogging or lunges i usually do.  it was relaxing and i feel better.  hopefully today i can really exercise hard.  i hope i dont have to have any type of surgery on my knees, that is like my biggest fear.  im afraid i wont be the same if i do.

ugh, i have to work on sunday too, just rememberd that...i so hate being on call over the weekend, have to stay at home and fucking go anywhere or do anything.   sometimes i want to look for a new job but i kinda like working from home so i take the good with the bad until i cant take it anymore.

intake yestrday was 800...going lower today!

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  1. yeah b careufl with u knees i have had knee surgry and it never healed right and its not the same it hurts to runon it but i do it neway im juts waiting for the day it ocmpltely goes an di need like a knee replacement
    stay strong hun
    hate the cold