Friday, November 12, 2010

november 12

dreary rainy day.   yuck.  plus its getting colder.  yuckyuck.

i am so flippin bored.  i exercised twice today, paid my bills and did some laundry then i decided to check on fb what my old bf is up to.  to paint the picture this is a guy that i really really liked and he treated me great.  he broke up with me because he said he had an issue with our age difference (he is 11 years older - guys are supposed to like that right?) and we live to far apart.  25 miles.  we dated for over a year.

anyway, it hurt like hell when he ended it and that pain should be enough reason for me not to date or get involved.  sure it sucks sometimes and i get lonely, but hell, the pain is too great. 

so, i pull him up on fb and hes not a regular user anyway so most of the time nothing has changed.   but i saw he chnged his status to 'in a relationship'  

even after 2 years it felt like someone punched me in the chest.  shes beautiful btw.  skinny, gorgeous auburn hair.  now i secretly think he dumped me because im a fatty

so that answered the battle going on in my head - gonna get skinny! 


  1. show him girl!... i do this too so i totally support you. (:

    stay lovely. <3

  2. o im sorry huuny
    but u show him show him what he lost

  3. show him what he's missin' out on ;)