Wednesday, October 27, 2010

october 27

shit! have to stay another week in ny, dont get to go home on the weekend either.  work work and work.  i miss my kitties and dogs.  i cant wait to see them.

on the other side of my life i havent been able to weigh and i dont think i have lost but with the exercising i think im toning cuz i can feel it in my clothes.

i need to go to a store and find some books to read - the hotel at night is boring!  i dont go down to the bar or anything - just stay in my room and watch tv, but the shows are never any good.  i work out alot - more than i do at home.

i am going to try and jog outside tomorrow...change of pace to the fitness room here at the hotel.

food wise was decent today:

brkfast - 1/2 bagel with tsp cream cheese
lunch - 1/2 veggie quesadilla, some chips with salsa. about 1/2 cup of black beans and some rice.
no dinner, but had a kashi trail mix bar and 100 calorie pack raw almonds. 

ugh - too much food now that i put it in writing.  MUST DO BETTER!!!!!

I WILL DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your intake was just fine, especially with all that working out. You will do better, dear.
    Sometimes it's harder when you're away from home.
    Keep us updated. :) Keep up the good work!
    Stay Superstrong <3

  2. You can do it!! Make the most of the time- keep up the exercise and don't worry too much about the food, just do your best! Stay strong xxx

  3. o im sorryt hat ur stuck there longer then u though'but ut doing good food wiese considering ur ina new place
    stays trong

  4. You're actually doing really well food and intake wise because you're in a strange place, missing home, but you're avoiding comfort food! :) Hope you get home soon...enjoy tomorrow's jog <3

  5. You're intake was really good :)
    I've been reading your blog and I really admire your strength
    stay strong!