Monday, October 25, 2010

october 25

i guess one of the greatest things about working on this project is all the stress causes me to workout super hard to relieve all that stress!  i busted ass on the elliptical then did some more time on a stationary bike - then went looking for a store to buy some souvenirs and probably walked another 2 miles.  didnt find a store tho..oh well.

i am in a nice hotel and it is supposed to be non-smoking but people apparently dont give a shit because i smell it and it pisses me off.  i think that is so rude. 

gonna watch two & a half men, mike & molly and sleep!  tomorrow starts early again


  1. great work on the exercise! keep it up :)

  2. Good job working out so much! Glad you're making progress. <3
    Stay superstrong.

  3. so much exercise, you're gonna be super toned babe ^^