Saturday, October 23, 2010

october 23

wow! what a hectic 48 hours.  more than half i was awake working.  the worse of which is over thank goodness. 

but i cannot say i was successful in food intake yesterday..ugh! i dont want to think about it.  today is a new day and i WILL do better.  on the second shift so dont have much time to exercise - hope to squeeze in some before i have to start though.

i miss my kitties and dogs too.  they always sleep with me - or should i say sleep laying all over me. 

about a week to go and i'll be going home.  :)


  1. Hello my dear (: I just started following your blog.
    Don't worry about a couple days of too much food intake. You'll do better next time, I promise. <3

    stay superstrong!


  2. ur right hun tomm will b a better day just remmber that
    stay strong hun