Wednesday, October 20, 2010

october 20

no i can't be getting a cold!  i have too much to do tomorrow - will likely be up for 24-36 hours...need to eat oranges and more oranges. 

had to go out to dinner with coworkers to celebrate a birthday - ate great.  got the lite clam chowder and only ate half - the full serving was only 76 calories.  then got seaweed salad, ate about half that and it was 98 calories for the full serving.  then took a bite of sauteed shrimp wonton, 1 boiled shrimp, bite of crab dip and a small roll.   don't know how many calories all that was but when i got back to my room i exercised for 50 minutes.  feel better after doing that.

trying to stay up as long as possible so i dont crash during my all nighter tomorrow night.  i totally hate staying up all night, never been my "cup of tea" you can say.  it takes 3-4 days just to get back to normal.  but oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.  i really love the people i work with and who i work for - i am very,very thankful for that


  1. well u did great food wise and i doubt those lil bites of things were alot of cals
    c im the opposit im usually up all nite or most of the nite damn insomnia
    well have a great day hun

  2. hey ive got a new diet blog and i would be delighted if you visit it and leave a comment.

    stay pretty

    xoxo bubbble

  3. Good job food-wise, deary! That sounds like some awesome intake/output there :D

  4. New follower so thought I'd say hi :)
    You did very well resisting the temptation to eat all those foods! Well done :D And all that exercise definitely burned it all off, and more :) Congrats!
    Good luck with the all nighter!