Tuesday, October 19, 2010

october 19

just got into hotel room here in ny - busy time for the next 10 days or so...good distraction from food which is good.

when i travel i don't know what it is but i tend to eat less and when i do eat it is healthier - go figure!  anyway, here is my food for today:

breakfast:  raisin bran
snack: small handful peanuts
lunch: veggie burger, rice crispy bar
pm snack: trail mix kashi bar

not too bad i think...didnt get to exercise today but i will definitely tomorrow

@bonesarepure - thanks for asking about my sis...she did call her doctor and is making an appt for some meds. 
@almost.skinny - thanks to you too for showing concern for my sis - it means alot to me :)


  1. yeah i tend to eat less when i travel as well ur not alone there
    and ut did great today
    o ny is crazy i cant deal with all the ppl
    im glad ur sis called a doc i hope everything works out ok with her

  2. Congrats for the good intake and all healthy as well ^^
    Hotels = ♥