Monday, October 18, 2010

october 18

breakfast - raisin bran
snack - apple and 100 calorie pack of natural almonds
late lunch - grilled chix wi black beans some cheese and salsa
probably will only nibble on stuff for dinner since i had the late lunch. 

bicycled 25 miles yesterday - felt awesome!
ran 4.5 miles today - felt awesomeR since i haven't been able to run for knees are not behaving.

ever wonder if the person you think is strong, really isn't all that strong?  my sister is that person for me, but now i worry about her.  she went off into the woods AT NIGHT last week having taken pain pills, drank whiskey and had a loaded .45 caliber handgun.  plus she took a knife to her wrists.  nobody was home when she did this but because she couldn't be reached by phone everyone started to worry...good thing she was found before she did anything with that gun. 

just goes to show you even the people who appear to have everything, sometimes do not.


  1. its the truth alot of ppl put up a front just to make it thru the day but really they are dyeing inside
    im glad that nuttin happened to ur sister i really am

    and yay great exericse
    i miss running i have a fucke dup knee too

  2. I'm glad your sister's ok. I hope she's getting some help.
    Great work on the exercise- keep it up! :) xxx