Sunday, October 17, 2010

october 17

putting this out for the world to see is a new experience.  not really caring if anyone reads, just trying something new and see if i can stick with it.

i hate the fact i have gained over 20lbs and everytime i see skinny girls it just reinforces that fact.  i took the peta pledge to go vegan for 30 days, yeah - that lasted about 2 days then i ate some chicken in a wrap.  but that is the only source of meat i have had.  managed to stay away from hamburger, which isnt too hard for me anyway every since i read an article about "pink slime" - totally grossed me to no end. 

i am going to stay strong and really focus on losing this extra weight...i have a friend that has lost 30 lbs..she did it real slow and it took about 2 years, but she did it.  what determniation..i need to be like that.

so here goes - starting stats:



  1. You can do it!!! if you want some more reading to focus your efforts 'eating animals' Jonathan safran foer is a really great, easy, to the point read.
    Stay strong xxx