Sunday, October 31, 2010

halloween 2010

weird not being at home - being alone because you have to is more difficult than being alone because you want to.  gives me too much time with my thoughts! 

just when i think i am "ok" with something the thoughts return.  in no organzied way, just random and stirring up constant fighting dialogue within myself - ugh!  just stop already.

do i want to be with someone?
-no, cuz i dont want the drama
-yes, cuz i miss the closeness that comes with being with someone
-no, cuz its too hard to keep everyone happy
-yes, cuz i want to share things with someone
-no, cuz im not good enough to be with someone
-yes, cuz i want to feel loved by someone

it just goes on and on - then there is the ever present fight with food OMG! 

always comparing myself with other people - too much fat all over me

im ugly, fat, single and just fucking tired of it - all of it.

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  1. dont u just hate when the mind goes all crazy an djust confusese u evenmore ugh